About the site

Columbus is not a paradise for runners and cyclists, but there are still many enjoyable trails within the metro area. My goal for this site is to provide a curated list of what I consider to be the best biking and running trails in Central Ohio. This site is not an exhaustive listing of every place that you can run and ride. Think of it as more than just a blog of the places that I’ve been, but less than a comprehensive guide to every inch of trail in Central Ohio. Additionally, my focus is on trails for recreation, not transportation. If you need information for commuting, I recommend looking at the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s Columbus Metro Bike Map. Finally, this site is a work in progress, not a final statement. I will continue to add new trails over time.

About me

I’m Michael Buckley. I have been mountain biking and road biking in the Columbus area for many years. I raced mountain bikes for about five years, but these days I just ride for fun. I was always an occasional runner, but I decided to run a marathon a few years ago, and that led me to look for new places to run. I began exploring the many trails in Central Ohio that I had previously ignored because they were too short for biking (or didn’t allow bikes at all). Trying out all of these new trails was one of the main inspirations for creating this site. These days my time is equally split between cycling and running. Mountain biking is still my main passion, but trail running has become a close second.

In addition to being a cyclist and runner, I’m also am a web developer. I’m using this site as a place for me try out and experiment with new tools and ideas. I created the site using Jekyll, a static site generator built in Ruby. My code for the site is available on Github. Feel free to use or modify the code for your own site if you find it helpful. If you would like to get in touch with me about this site or about your web development needs, you can reach me at contactmichaelbuckley@gmail.com.