Trail Name Location Run Trail Run Bike MTB
Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park SW Franklin County X X X
Blacklick Woods Metro Park Reynoldsburg X
Blendon Woods Metro Park NE Franklin County X
Chestnut Ridge Metro Park Canal Winchester X
Clear Creek Metro Park S of Lancaster X
Griggs Reservoir Park Upper Arlington X X
Heritage Rail Trail Hilliard X X
Highbanks Metro Park S Deleware County X
Olentangy Trail Near Rte. 315 X X X
Prairie Oaks Metro Park W Franklin County X
Scioto Grove Metro Park Grove City X
Scioto Trail Central Columbus X X
Sharon Woods Metro Park Westerville X X

Trail Review Notes and Disclaimers

  • All trail distances are approximate and should be treated as a rough guide, not an exact amount.
  • All trail directions are to the best of my recollection, but trails change, and I can remember incorrectly. Always consult an official trail map.
  • I use “running trails” to refer to paved trails, and “trail running trails” to refer to unpaved trails.
  • I use “biking trails” to refer to both paved trails and to unpaved trails that are gentle enough to be ridden on a road bike. “Mountain biking trails” are those that require a mountain bike.
  • If I think that a park’s bike trails are too short to be worth riding, I will omit them from that location’s list of activities