A section of the Overlook Trail at Highbanks Metro Park
A typical section of trail on the Dripping Rock and Overlook loop.

Essential Information

  • Mileage: 8 miles
  • Activities:
    • Trail Running
  • Location: S Deleware County

Highbanks Metro Park is about as hilly as it gets in the Columbus area. The trails are not technically challenging, but they are constantly rolling and provide a nice physical challenge. The amount of mileage, hills, scenery, and proximity to the city make it one of my favorite Metro Parks.

If you don’t have time for everything, an approximately 5 mile loop that combines the Dripping Rock Trail and the Overlook Trail hits all of the best sections in the park. This loop is very hilly, almost entirely wooded, and the surface is a mixed dirt and gravel. Unlike some trails with gravel, these stones are very tiny, providing a smooth and comfortable running surface. The hilliness and the crushed stones help this section of the park handle moisture quite well. True to its name, a section the Overlook Trail leads to an observation deck perched atop a steep hill that overlooks the Olentangy River.

An Adena mound on the Coyote Run Trail at Highbanks Metro Park
An Adena mound on the Coyote Run Trail

The other trail in the park, the Coyote Run trail, is a flat dirt and grass trail that goes through a meadow. This trail doesn’t handle rain as well as the other sections, and it can be muddy when the others are dry. One highlight is an Adena mound that is clearly visible from the trail. If you are already at the park, this trail is a nice way to get in about 3 additional miles, but the other loop is much more distinctive and challenging.

Additional Information